Our Story

If you’re someone who loves to explore new electronic products and tired of using old useless ones, then you’re on the right place, we welcome you to MePower!

We have launched our online business to bring you the finest and latest quality products built using the latest technology. Our products are tried and tested, each with one year of warranty. We are here to give you the best experience of your life.

To know more about us and our products, keep on reading.


What do we have in store?

We have a collection of a fascinating and wide range of products for you. In addition to sports products, we also have massage products for you that can function as your personal massage therapist. Not only this, for your convenience and ease of shop from one store, we also have electronics for you. All our products are manufactured using high-density materials. These are reliable and last for a long time. We have used the modern technology to manufacture these products, so they have outstanding features.


Our Products:

 We sell a variety of products, be it massage products or electronics. Our famous products are Meroller and MeBall, with more to come in the future.



 MeRoller helps you recover after a muscle injury and release muscle aches. It is durable and easily portable. Keeping this massage roller in your bag is equivalent to your massage therapist, as it can be taken anywhere and used. It has a rechargeable battery, and once fully charged, this battery can last for up to 3 hours. MeRoller is a perfect device to keep in your backpack if you work out regularly.



 MeBall is another massage product introduced by MePower. It is easily portable and fits easily into your backpacks, gym bags, and even luggage. The multi-dimensional rolling of this massage ball makes it remarkable in its job. It has four different pulsating vibration modes, so you can adjust to a mode you find comfortable. MeBall is also rechargeable, and once its battery is fully charged, it lasts for 2 hours.


Money-Back Guarantee:

We also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. This offer is especially for our customers, in case they do not like our product or feel content with its workability, we will provide the full refund on it.



 Our products are manufactured by using the top-notch technology, so their features are outstanding. Not only this, we have used high-density materials to manufacture massage products that are also easy to grasp. All these qualities add longevity to our products' life and make them reliable. In addition to the durability, we also give one year warranty on our products. If your product malfunctions or you receive a damaged piece in the parcel, you can get it replaced or get a full refund. The warranty process is hassle-free, and we ensure the customer does not have to spend too much time.


Future Plans:

 We plan to introduce a series of mini massage and professional products soon. All these products will be built of high-density material, using the latest technology. Our experts design these flawless designs for our products.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide top-notch products to our customers who are excellent in quality and the latest ones. We want our customers to stay one step ahead and always use the most refined product.

Our customer service staff is polite, cooperative, and enthusiastic to help the customers with everything.

Stay tuned to find more about our products. Leave your remarks in the comment section. Your feedback will be appreciated!