Meball - Packed with power



Meball is an excellent tool for massage and self-care as it allows for multidimensional rolling. It also allows easy access to all body parts, even those that require deep digging, such as shoulder blades, piriformis or hamstring, etc.

By allowing deep tissue massage, MeBall can also reduce your muscle fatigue and enhance performance.


Meball releases the pain after sport and exercise

It is also great at promoting flexibility. MeBall has four vibration pulsating modes. The presence of these different options helps in enhancing your core, abdominal, and lower back muscles. This brilliant product has been manufactured from a high density and easy to clean silicone. It is multi-functional and works great for yoga, Pilates, back, and abdominal training.


MeBall can be recharged, and it is very durable. The charging process is swift, and it is charged with a USB cable. You invest in this product once, and it lasts for a long time. It is a compact ball that fits easily into 5inches large luggage, gym bags, and backpacks. It is one of the best products that ensure your get relief from muscle aches and back pain.


Keep scrolling to know all the features of MeBall in detail:


  • Tissue Massage:


MeBall is an exceptionally remarkable product that allows for multi-dimentional rolling, covering all body parts, including the difficult ones to dig in, such as shoulder blades and piriformis, etc. MeBall reduces your muscle fatigue, boosts performance, and promotes flexibility giving you an overall great experience.


  • Different Vibration Levels:


MeBall has four vibration pulsating modes, ranging from 1700 to 2200 RPM. You can choose whichever mode you like. With the help of these different vibration levels, it helps you enhance your abdominals, lower back muscles, and core muscles. This is an ideal product for circulation improvement as well as recovery of tight and sore muscles.


  • Easily Portable:


It is a durable and long-lasting product that makes it very reliable. It is also easily portable due to being lightweight and compact. It can fit easily in 5inch long luggage, backpacks, and gym bags.


  • Rechargeable:


MeBall is rechargeable, and has a good battery life. It charges fastly via a USB cable, and it can be used anytime, anywhere. Its battery life lasts for 2 hours per charge.


  • High Density:


MeBall is manufactured from a high-density and easy-to-clean silicone for enhanced myofascial release. It can also be gripped easily. It is an excellent product for yoga Pilates, abdominal training and back muscles, etc. Furthermore, it can also be used as an office ball chair to relieve your back pain and improve your posture.


  • Warranty:


MeBall comes with a two years warranty. If any issue appears with your product, we offer a full refund and replacement. This product is tested and tried, so it is safe for your use.


Why should you buy this?


It is a tested product that helps relieve your muscle aches. Not only this, you can put it in your backpack and take it anywhere for your convenience. It has a good battery life and is a versatile product that can relieve your arms, back, legs, feet, and waist aches. So it is a great product to purchase because of its numerous benefits.